GE 1.5 S Wind Turbine

GE 1.5 S Wind Turbine

4 x General Electric – Used Wind Turbines – GE 1.5 S Wind Turbine -  For Sale – Immediately Available!

Offers in the region of 350k EUR – ($500k) per unit excl. dismantle

With more than 5,000 units in operation worldwide, GE’s 1.5 MW turbine continues to be one of the world’s most widely used wind turbines in its class.


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There are 4 complete units with 64m Tower, 70m Rotor Diameter incl. 30kV transformer – available now

* Year of build: 2003

2 units with new gearboxes in 2005 and 2 units with new gear boxes in 2009!

* All in very good condition and currently still in operation in Europe.

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GE Energy 1.5MW Wind Turbine Technical Specifications (GE 1.5 S)

Operating DataRated capacity1,500 kWCut-in wind speed4 m/sCut-out wind speed 600 s averageWZ II: 22 m/s WZ III, IEC II: 25  m/sCut-out wind speed 30 s averageWZ II: 25 m/s WZ III, IEC II: 28  m/sCut-out wind speed 3 s averageWZ II: 27 m/s WZ III, IEC II: 30  m/sCut-back-in wind speed 300 s averageWZ II: 19 m/s WZ III, IEC II: 22  m/sRated wind speed12 m/sRotorNumber of rotor blades3Rotor diameter70.5 mSwept area3,904 m2Rotor speed (variable)11.1 – 22.2 rpmTowerTower height (m)63Power ControlPower controlActive blade pitch control

Operating Limits (outside temperature)

* Cold weather light: -4 to 104 °F (-20 to 40 °C)
* Cold weather extreme: -22 to 104 °F (-30 to 40 °C)/-40 °C to +50 °C survival without operation

Control System

* Programmable logic controller (PLC)
* Remote control and monitoring system


* Three-step planetary spur gear system


* Doubly-fed three-phase asynchronous generator

Braking System (fail-safe)

* Electromechanical pitch control for each blade (three self-contained systems)
* Hydraulic parking brake

Yaw System

* Electromechanical driven with wind direction sensor and automatic cable unwind


* Pulse-width modulated IGBT frequency converter

Tower design

* Multi-coated, conical tubular steel tower with safety ladder to the nacelle
* Load lifting system, load-bearing capacity more than 441 lbs (200 kg)
* Service platform for 100 m hub height (service lift optional)

Noise Reduction

* Impact noise insulation of the gearbox and generator
* Sound reduced gearbox
* Noise reduced nacelle
* Rotor blades with minimized noise level

Lightning Protection System

* Lightning receptors installed on blade tips
* Surge protection in electrical components

See Technical Specs on GE Energy’s website here:

With more than 5,000 units in operation worldwide, GE’s 1.5 MW turbine continues to be one of the world’s most widely used wind turbines in its class.

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  • NOTE: These are 50z units and not suitable for operation on 60z grid unless converted at buyer’s own expense. Time wasters and tire kickers will not be accommodated!
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