VESTAS V29 for sale

1 x VESTAS V29 For Sale

Immediately Available


  • Brand: VESTAS

  • Manufacturer: Vestas

  • Model: V29

  • Product ID: 61559977be7d8ca

  • Starting Bid Price €68,800 EUR



Northern Ireland Buyers! 

This is one rare opportunity to get your hands on such a mint V29 for a long time to come!

Don’t wait and hope you get one of these cheaper at a later time! 

This is not going to happen. If you want a V29, then this one is as good as it gets!


This turbine is located in one of the Baltic States and had been dismantled 1st week in July 2015 and is ready for collection immediately!

Located in a very low wind speed area, hence very low hours and reason for its top mint condition.


One immaculate conditioned Vestas V29 unit immediatly available – built in 1995 – first commissioned in 1996


STARTING BID PRICE: Only €67,800 EUR (excluding dismantling costs)


  •  1 x Vestas V29 – 225/50kW- (50Hz)

  • Built 1995 – 1st commissioned in 1996

  • 30m Tower – one section tower – can be supplied in 2 or 3 sections for ease of transport (towers can be cut into 2 or 3 sections on request)

    • (add €1,200 EUR for 2 section cut – add €1,800 EUR for 3 sections cut)

  • 29m Rotor Diameter

  • Top Flange of Foundation Ring included in price

  • Loading Free of Charge




  • Turbine type: Vestas V29 – 225/50

  • Nominal Output: 225kW and 50kW – (50Hz)

  • Rotor diameter: 29m

  • Tower Height: 30m

  • Turbine Type: Pitch controlled

  • Built in 1995 – 1st commissioned in 1996 


  • Configuration: 3 Blades Horizontal Axis, Upwind

  • Rated Power: 225kW/50kW/690V


  • Rotor Diameter: 29m


  • Siemens

  • Rated Power: 225kW/50kW/690V


  • Metso Drive – Finnland


  • Monopole Steel

  • 30m – one section – also available in 2 or 3 sections for ease of transport (tower will be cut into 2 or 3 pieces on request)

Sales price includes:

  • Complete Turbine – Tower, Nacelle, Blades, Hub, Controller & Top Flange of Foundation Ring

Special 5 Year Warranty Service Package including full refurbishment and 96% availability insurance including loss of revenue insurance also available! Please ask for more details on ‘Warranty Package’ with your enquiry!

Important Notes:

  • The Starting Bid Price indicated above only represents the ‘Reserve Price’ for which this turbine is being sold. Bidding period ends at seller’s discretion

  • Winning bidder must close the Bid as with an immediate down payment 

  • This turbine is strictly sold to the highest bidder – No exceptions made

  • Buyer must arrange for collection by no later than 1st August 2015 – Dismantling cost contribution required – Loading free of charge

  • Early viewings recommended (only if signed LOI (Letter of Intent) has been received)

  • Time wasters and tire kickers will strictly not be accommodated!

  • City: Marijampole

  • Country: Lithuania

  • Phone: +44 (0) 117 244 9353

  • Country: Lithuania

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