Wind Turbine Refurbishment

MWPS World Limited works with highly skilled re-manufacturers, refurbisher and machinists to ensure the re-manufactured equipment is properly restored to the original manufacturers’ specifications and is refurbished according to our high standards.

Refurbished wind turbines offered by MWPS World Ltd. are completely disassembled and thoroughly inspected and cleaned.

Our highly experienced wind turbine refurbishment affiliates evaluate the condition of the reconditioned wind turbine and replace all wear parts. The main moving components will be reconditioned to new or better than new standards. The controls, gearbox, hub, generator, hydraulic system are all thoroughly reconditioned and are either restored or replaced. All refurbished wind turbines come with a full technical report of the reconditioning work undertaken.

Completed refurbished wind turbines are restored to the original manufacturers’ specifications and offer a minimum warranty of 1 year. Extended warranties may be purchased upon request.

Depending on the turbine type and size, a typical reconditioning process takes approximately 3 months and up to 1 year for very large size turbines.

Description of the reconditioning process:

  • Tower/Head: Inspect/replace as needed welds, bearings, blast & paint, the unit will have new base bolts. Major axis and adjust on-axis coupling. Analysis of the state of the “I / F” with the hub, replacement of bearings and seals on hatches. Verification of tolerances in bearing seat shaft and bearings,
  • Gearbox: Check the stage trains, both primary and secondary for backlash and end-play, replace seals and Verification of tolerances throughout the box. Hydraulic System cleaning and priming circuit pressure and leak test. Change seals, filters, fittings Verification of pressure level and vibration load, and repaint.
  • Brake unit: Pressure test, replace pads, leading lines (hoses), and rebuild brake calliper – as needed. Meg and test brake motor.
  • Yaw system: Meg and test yaw motor. Inspect yaw gearbox, fill with fluid. Inspect, adjust slide shoes, or replace if needed
  • Generator: Disassemble generators, dry and impregnate generator, re-dip armatures, and replace bearings. For small generator, check, adjust or replace belts. Test and adjust the RPM sensor. The dynamic test analyzes noise and vibration and Thermal Verification test and paints unit.
  • Main shaft: Inspect bearings and seals. Check for wear and end play.
  • Instruments: Upgrade and test anemometer and wind vane.
  • Controller: Tighten all terminations and test the upgraded unit.
  • Blades: Inspect tips; replace bushings, pins, if needed. Balance blades to each other.
  • SCADA: Upon request, designing and installing a complete SCADA/Remote monitoring system

MWPS World Limited can arrange to refurbish most wind turbine models to either 50Hz or 60Hz

If you decide to purchase a used wind turbine including refurbishing, please let us know at the time of inquiry and we are happy to provide a detailed price quote including a complete refurbishing schedule.

Please contact us with any question you may have about the refurbishing your wind turbine.


Please note that above prices are only approximate guide prices and based on site conditions with unrestricted and easy access over solid ground or purpose build access laneways which are fit to carry appropriately sized heavy haulage vehicles and cranes necessary to undertake the works for each individual job and depends on the specific wind turbine make and model, its dimensions and and weights.

Accurate, final cost quotations can only be provided after evaluation and review of site conditions and information provided of the type of turbines and where necessary, only after a visual site inspection has been undertaken.

For enquiries of a tailor-made quote for your project, please contact us by phone or by email.Click here!