10 NORDEX N90/2500 – 2.5mW (50Hz)


Brand new – Never In Used – Built in 2010!

Immediately available -

Early Viewing Recommended

These turbines have become available from a collapsed project and are immediately available!


Nordex N90/2500 – 2.5mW – 2500kW (50Hz)

  • Rated output: 2,500 kW

  • Tower Height: 100m

  • Rotor Diameter: 90m

  • Year of build: 2010

  • Seller can provide turnkey solution!

At times where delivery times from OEM manufacturers have reached unacceptable time frames, this is a one off opportunity to purchase immediately 25mW of brand new MADE IN DENMARK Nordex 2.5mw wind turbines, ready for delivery and installation!

 Seller can provide full turnkey solution, manufacturer warranty and O&M maintenance service!

These wind turbine comes complete for 50Hz on-grid operation.


  • Please do not request a shipping quote from us!

    • The items listed in this advert are offered for sale by a private owner.

    • Neither MWPS nor the owner of these turbines provide shipping or transportation services

    • Unless a shipping service/offer is specifically listed in this advert, collection and transportation/shipping must be organized and paid for by the buyer.

    • However, both MWPS or the owner will endeavor to assist you in the best way to organize the Loading, and transportation.


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