SEEWIND S20 – 110kW (50Hz)

SEEWIND S20 – 110kW (50Hz)

Perfect for Italy or Northern Ireland!

Five complete units of SEEWIND S20 – 110kW (50Hz) Wind Turbines for sale –

Only €
29,000 EUR per unit – Still in operation and in good condition – Can be
dismantled and immediately installed again – No refurbishing necessary!

Picture for illustration only!

Perfect for Italy or Northern Irland! These turbines are in very good condition – Can be installed with refurbishing!

  • Seewind – 110kW – (50Hz)

  • 4 units with 30m tower – 1 unit on 24.5m Tower (can be raised to 30m with 5m extended foundation)

  • 22m Rotor Diameter

  • 1995 Model
  • First commissioned in 1995
  • Available – Immediately
  • If refurbishing required, add € 8,000 EUR incl. transport to workshop



  • Turbine type: Seewind 110kW (50Hz)
  • Nominal Output: 110kW (50Hz)
  • Rotor diameter: 22m
  • Tower Height: 4 x 30m and 1 x 24.5m
  • Type: Stall
  • Built in 1995


  • Configuration: 3 Blades Horizontal Axis, Upwind
  • Rated Power: 110kW


  • Rotor Diameter: 22 m


  • Rated Power: 110kW


  • Monopole Steel
  • 4 x 30m and 1 x 24.5m

Sale price includes:

  • Complete Turbine – Tower, Nacelle, Blades, Hub, Controller
  • Technical drawings
  • Full Service History available

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  • Viewings only if signed LOI (Letter of Intent) has been received.
  • Time wasters and tire kickers will not be accommodated!


Above technical data is subject to technical alterations, errors and omissions

1. Wind turbine installation is highly customized according to
location, set-up, seismic conditions, soil, zoning, local restrictions,
and many other factors

2. Taxes, Containerizing and Shipping is not included. Estimates do not include export and other international fees.

3. This information should be used for general budgetary reasons only.

4. Pricing and availability is subject to change at any time without notice


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